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After a solid ten minutes of searching for the tape all over the apartment, Kurt gives up on trying to give Sam the cold shoulder and asks, “Where’s the tape?”

"Linda was playing with it, so I’ve put it on the top shelf in the kitchen," Sam answers. He doesn’t look at Kurt, seemingly fully focused on filling the box marked "SHEETS & STUFF". During the packing, pretty much all of the boxes signed and packed by Sam contained various items ‘& STUFF’. According to him, the boxes were too big to pack just one kind of things in them. According to Kurt, it was quite the opposite.

Kurt sighs. “God, you know I hate reaching up there.”

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After arriving, as soon as they spot each other, Sam pulls Kurt into a tight, loving hug, and, without typical greetings, he announces, “We need to talk.”

Albeit put off by Sam’s choice of words, Kurt hugs back. “Al…right then.” He squeezes him lightly, and feels Sam squeezing him as well. “Talk.”

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Kurt gets the call in the middle of a new moisturizing routine, which is unfortunate considering his hands are caked in at least three different kinds of lotion. He searches around helplessly for a paper towel as the chorus to You and I plays on in the background; the ringtone seems to change based on what stage in their relationship they are. Way back when Sam still went to McKinley, it was a Bieber song based on what he had heard down the grapevine about Sam’s ‘experience’ with his music. When they were still friends, it became Rocketeer. When they first started dating, it was Yellow and remained that way until they broke up, which led Kurt to hesitantly change it to the default ringtone set for any random caller.

Presently, Lady Gaga hollers about Nebraska and couches until Kurt finally dries his hands with a ripped tissue and picks up the phone. “Kurt Hummel speaking, how may I help you?”

“Hi,” Sam greets casually.

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The immediate reaction is to exchange wary looks in complete silence before Andrew pipes up, “Did you do it yet?”

Kurt rolls his eyes, feigning annoyance even though he’s still a little nervous. “Drew, seriously.”

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“And you knew all along?” Molly throws a pillow at Toby. “Jerk. Both of you. Jerks. Keeping secrets from me.” She nods at Sam. “And you let me do all this talking about your future relationships, knowing that you’ll be trying to stay in relationship with Kurt anyway. Now I feel silly. I tried to support you.”

“You are always supporting me,” Sam assures, then adds, “that’s why I hope you will support me now as well.”

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The morning is bright and loud, like every other morning in New York, and street noises wake Sam up, like after every other night in Kurt’s room. Unlike every other morning, Sam is the one who wakes up first, which means he doesn’t have to try to keep Kurt in bed. Instead, after a sleepy greeting and good morning kiss, Kurt opts to stay there, hugging the pillow after Sam slides out of his arms. Even after sitting up, it takes Sam a moment to leave the bed; he quietly appreciates the view of Kurt’s naked body in the morning sun. He decides he wouldn’t mind every next morning to feel like this one.

While Kurt naps, Sam takes a shower and chooses – due to being thrown all over the room, and the strong smell of cigarettes and stains from an unknown source – to toss their clothes from last night into the laundry basket. Left clothless, Sam regrets taking all his stuff back to Tennessee after the break up, and borrows some stuff from Kurt’s closet, which results in waking Linda up. Left on her own for the past few days, she’s very determined to get proper attention, and Sam gives it to her right after finding pants loose enough not to stop his blood flow. With a purring, pleased kitty in his arms, Sam enters the living room to get some shirt from his bag. There, he discovers Rachel is already up and making breakfast - visibly tired and much less cheerful than usual.

She blinks and jumps a little as soon as she sees Sam in her peripheral vision, suddenly more awake. “Oh, Sam. You’re up.” It takes a moment for her to think of something else to say. “Where’s Kurt?”

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“Ugh, I’m exhausted,” Kurt groans as he collapses onto the bed, still fully clothed and unchanged since the moment he walked through the door with Sam. The apartment had been and still is quiet and dark when they came in, Rachel having already gone to bed hours earlier. She had sent Kurt a text telling him she would be in bed about two hours ago, which meant it’s already well past midnight by the time he reaches the comfort of his own bed.

He undoes the top few buttons of his shirt and sighs, closing his eyes. “Dumbass bicurious boys. How was your night, hon?”

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Sam isn’t exactly sure how they ended up at Drew’s party, but it probably had something to do with the fact that Rachel kept asking weird questions and for some reason didn’t want to leave them alone the whole evening. Kurt suggested they could go out, and Rachel seemed into the idea, until Drew’s party got brought up.

After an hour, Sam started to get what she meant; all of the crowd seemed to be very loud, very drunk, and very bicurious, and few of the non-curious students seemed to enjoy the bicurious ones very much.

He didn’t expect to actually spend any time with Drew, since he had obviously other things to do, and he still wasn’t very fond of Sam, so a pat on his back was quite a surprise.

"Hey, bud," Drew greets, red cup in hand. He doesn’t seem very drunk or even just tipsy yet, but there’s a wide grin on his face all the same.

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"Oh hey, Kurt," Reggie greets upon exiting Andrew’s coffee shop, cup in hand. He notices Sam walking beside him and nods. "Sam. You look all dressed up."

"Hey," Sam greets him, sticking out his hand for Reggie to shake. "Yeah, I just had an interview. Went quite alright," he adds.

Again, Reggie nods as he shakes Sam’s hand. “Oh, cool. Are you heading back to the apartment? I could walk with you guys. It’s on the way to Penny’s.”

"Oh? What are you visiting her for?" Kurt questions, raising an eyebrow.

Reggie looks away sheepishly. “…It’s a private thing.”

Kurt exchanges a curious look with Sam, but neither of them say anything about it. “Okay, you can tag along with us.”

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Penny is fortunate that she is more perceptive than people think, because otherwise she wouldn’t know what was going on with her friends half the time. Reggie doesn’t tell her why he’s been distant and strange lately, but she can tell by the way he glances at her guiltily that a breakup is coming up. Andrew fakes a decently convincing cough over the phone when she invites him to go clubbing, but the hoarse quality to his throat is genuinely the sound of someone who has been giving multiple blowjobs recently; she goes ahead and assumes his plan to have an impromptu foursome was a success. Kurt casually starts bringing Sam up in conversation again, not making much of a big deal out of it, and already she can tell they’ve been seeing each other. It’s only Natasha she has never been able to see through completely. Then again, Natasha has always been the least open of the group.

And then there’s Sam. She hasn’t seen him often, so she can’t read much into the way he speaks or acts. He seems very honest, almost suspiciously so. His smiles are always natural; his snorts are often genuine. There isn’t anything wrong with him, as far as she can tell. So far.

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